8 tips to take care of your feet when backpacking

1. Wear the right shoes

Wearing the right shoes is essential if you plan on walking large distances. Even more so if this walking is with a heavy bag upon your back.

We recommend investing in a pair of shoes with athletic properties as they allow our feet to breathe, can take a beating and is easily washable.

2. Watch your socks

A good pair of socks is vital to ensure you do not end up with blisters, abrasions or bad circulation.

We recommend going with quick-drying athlete socks for daily use and compression socks for recovery.

3. Check your backpack

The weight of your backpack will decide the level of agony your feet will be under at the end of the day.

So, make sure you only carry the absolute necessities in order to do your feet a favor.

4. Clip your nails

Personal hygiene appears to be just one of those things that backpackers let go of during their travels.

Do however remember to clip your toenails as not doing so can create an environment for fungi and blisters within the shoe.

5. Watch out for fungi

Copious amounts of sweat pooled inside a shoe is a very conducive environment for the growth of fungi.

Make sure you use antifungal powder or spray to prevent it.

6. Take care of blisters

Blisters are not fun and should be treated before they can cause real harm to your travels. So, make sure you drain the blister with a sterilized needle, clean the wound with an antibacterial wipe and bandage it well.

7. Drink your water

Walking all day is a tiring affair and you are bound to lose hydration.

Make sure you replenish it with some electrolytes to ensure you do not cramp up.

8. Show some care for your feet

Taking care of your feet at the end of the day is as equally important as during it.

Make sure you give it a good stretch, massage, and some foam rolling to ensure a good flow of blood and reduced inflammation.