8 ways contaminated water can give you diarrhea

Nothing ruins a trip faster than a bout of travelers’ diarrhea.

Most travelers know this and take care when eating out in their travels.

What most don’t realize however is that water is as much to blame for diarrhea as food and is, in fact, a more potent carrier of bacteria.

Curious? Read on to find out more!

1. Through tap water

Tap water in most of Asia, South America and Eastern Europe are considered unsafe to the consumer.

It is, therefore, best to water that is bottled or heated to very high temperatures.

2. Through ice cubes

The water you are served with might come from a bottle, but the ice cubes that accompany it might be made from contaminated tap water.

3. Through fruits

Sliced fruits that have been washed in tap water has a high chance of being contaminated and causing diarrhea.

We recommend sticking to fruits where you can take the peel off yourself.

4. Through fruit drinks

As healthy as fruit drinks are, make sure they are made in front of you with bottled water as contaminated tap water will end up causing bouts of diarrhea.

5. Through showering

Keeping your mouth closed when showering is essential if the location you are traveling in has tap water that is contaminated.

6. Through swimming

As with showering, refrain from taking dips in locations considered unsanitary.

Lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are risky. Swimming pools treated with chlorine is not.

7. Brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth with tap water allows water to be consumed unconsciously.

This is dangerous in locations where tap water is considered unsanitary.

8. Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages such as cocktails made of fruit juice and alcohol can cause diarrhea as the fruit juice could be made from contaminated tap water.

Remember that the presence of alcohol does not counter the effects of such contaminated water.