Tips to beat your flight anxiety

A fear of flying shouldn’t clash with your longing for travel and exploring new vistas.

It is for this reason that we gathered the tips used to conquer our anxiety of flying so that you too can do the same.

Do you have any go-to tips for dealing with the anxiety of flying? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Identify it

The first step to handling your anxiety of flying is to identify it.

Is it triggered by the notion of claustrophobia? The high altitude? Turbulence? A fear of germs in a confined environment?

2. Understand it

Once identified, the next step is to understand the fear you identify with the most.

Some diligent research on the said trigger will then help you deal with it better.

3. Do your research

Commercial aircraft go under rigorous testing before they are deemed airworthy and are kept under regular maintenance.

4. Ask for help

Informing the flight attendants of your anxiety will help them assist you however they can.

You can also inform of the same to your neighbor and try being distracted with a conversation.

5. Skip the dehydration

One of the best ways to make the time spent in the air go faster is by dozing off.

Staying clear of stimulants and depressants such as coffee, alcohol is, therefore, a good idea.

6. Get distracted

A few distractions such as a good movie or a book will have you at the destination before you know it.

Do however remember to bring your own entertainment as the onboard selection of movies might not be as good.

7. Breathe

Practicing deep breathing techniques when the anxiety begins will help you loosen up.

8. Value each flight

Each flight is an opportunity to face your fears and should be taken advantage of as it will help reduce its power over you.