8 tips to prepare for a solo camping trip

1. Work your way up to it

Solo camping truly is a great experience and one we recommend to all travelers.

It, however, must be worked up to and needs some prior camping experience.

2. Check the weather

The worst enemy of any camper is unpredictable weather.

So, do your research on the day and location you will be camping, in order to avoid any surprises.

3. Know your route

We highly recommend getting lost in cities in order to steer off the beaten path and discover something new.

This, however, does not apply when camping as it would be difficult to ask for help if you do lose your way.

4. Take what you need

It is a good idea to make a checklist of all that you need to ensure your safety and comfort in the wild.

So prep with a good tent, sleeping bag, tools to light a fire, ward of animals, electronics and a good book.

5. Tell someone

Always make sure to touch base with a person of trust to ensure that help will be sent in case of an emergency.

Remember- failing to plan is planning to fail.

6. Pick a location of safety

Make sure that the camping location you pick is one where you’d feel safe.

This, however, involves a fair bit of research (are there bears in the woods?), the lay of the land (see 3) and some previous camping experience.

7. Know the rules of the land

If smoking is banned in the area where you are camping, don’t do it.

The same applies for defecating, disturbing wildlife, littering and anything that might harm the environment.

Always remember that we should be striving to leave a location in a better state that we found it in.

8. Have your food and drinks sorted

Camping is strenuous, and you need to keep your strength and wits about you.

So, make sure you have enough supplies for two days longer than you need.