10 cheapest countries to backpack on less than $35

There’s nothing that draws a backpacker like a cheap destination. And why wouldn’t it? Traveling is notoriously expensive and that’s why we have taken up traveling the world with our backpacks. Some of the costs that we are bound to spend our money are.

Cost of lodging per day at a hostel/dorm

Cost for three meals per day

Cost of transport

Costs for entertainment (Alcohol and parties)

Costs for sightseeing and taking part in activities

One must remember that the term cheap is still rather subjective, depending on the country that is being visited and the amount of budget that is being allocated to the said trip. We at Travset, however, believe that $35 a day is a modest sum to spend and have created a list of countries (that is in no way exhaustive) to provide you with memories to last a lifetime and won’t break your budget.


You’ve probably heard this one before but Thailand truly is heaven for the backpacker who is trekking on the cheap. With beaches stretching as far as you can see, a history as old as time, cuisine that is to die for and people who are among the friendliest in Asia, Thailand is a location that gives plenty of bang for your buck.

How are we so confident you ask? With thousands of hostels to stay in, street food open at all times of the night at less than $3 a meal is too good a deal to pass! So book that ticket, grab your backpack and head over to Thailand! It won’t be cheap for much longer!

Travset Tip- make sure you read our article on Thailand, safe traveling within it and common tourist scams prior to visiting.

2. India

Long famed for being a backpackers haven, India still holds the title and deservedly so. This large country has so much to offer for backpackers and you wouldn’t hear the term expensive when referring to India as a travel destination. One must, however, remember to check into hostels, steer clear of western food, opting for the more delicious local street food and not fall prey to the numerous scams that have been making the round lately.

Do however conduct some good research prior to your travels. India is vast and exploring all it has to offer is simply not possible in one trip.

Travset Tip- remember to give our article on India, traveling safely within it as a woman and common tourist scams to ensure your stay within it is without incident

3. Cambodia

Ask any backpacker on their last leg of the Asian backpacking adventure where next and you will hear Cambodia. And with good reason.

Cambodia with its beautiful beaches, exotic scenery, and sprawling historical sites is easily experienceable for under $30 a day. The hostels on average would cost around $10 and $2 would get you a meal of epic proportions. What’s not to like!

Travset Tip- Cambodia is awesome. Do however read our article on Cambodia, safe traveling within it and common tourist scams to ensure you take full advantage of it.

4. Ukraine

Fast garnering a name for itself one of the cheapest eastern European countries for backpackers, Ukraine is a must see. Try the coastal city of Odessa and experience the local cuisine which has fish in one form or another. Or pay a visit to the Lviv, one of the famous Ukrainian hotspots where the one can experience a mix of the eastern and western European food, architecture and hospitality.

Travset Tip- Ukraine is an upcoming backpacker destination and is not without its hazards. We recommend paying heed to travel advisories from your local government with regard to the unstable economic and political situation in areas such as eastern Ukraine.

Visiting however is entirely possible with some careful reading of our articles on Ukraine, safe traveling within it, tourist scams and common sense.

5. Turkey

Better known as the gateway to Asia from Europe, Turkey is where history meets the present. With plenty of hostels, cheap kebabs and a very welcoming population eager to sell you their wares and the charm of their nation Turkey is definitely a place to visit.

Travset tip- Do remember to read our article on Turkey, not fall prey to scams such as the purchase of authentic Turkish rugs or gambling as these will always be rigged. Steer clear of the main tourist hotspots as that’s where costs are at their highest.

6. Nicaragua

Compared its neighboring countries Nicaragua is easy of the cheapest central American destinations for backpacking. The reason for this is as it’s not well known as Costa Rica or any other country which keeps its costs low.

Looking for an experience similar to Costa Rica at a low budget? Nicaragua is the place to go.

Travset tip- as great as cheap sounds it’s always wise to stay updated on where you will be visiting. We recommend getting up to speed on some facts on Nicaragua and the common tourist scams that are being reported to prevent your visit to it is eventful for the right reasons.

7. Vietnam

Vietnam truly deserves its place in this list as one of the cheapest destinations on account of its cheap accommodation, meals and most importantly alcohol. The vast country is easily accessible via its transport system that is uber cheap with hostels open on all days to welcome the hordes of tourists it has on any given day.

Not a fan of public transport? Rent a good quality scooter and travel on your own terms!

Travset tip- stay updated on Vietnam, some general traveling tips and common tourist scams to look out prior to travel.

8. Nepal

With mountain ranges, clear blue skies and water as pristine as its air, Nepal is another must-see for the backpacker on the cheap. If hostels are not available to pick from the multitude of guest houses or family-run hotels that won’t set you budget by much. The food is cheap, otherworldly and the people one of the friendliest in Asia.

If seeking the best trekking experience there are some tour companies that will arrange this for you. It is however not impossible to travel independently under a budget of $30 per day.

Travset tip- Nepal is a great backpackers location that needs some prior preparation before visiting it. We suggest giving our articles on general information, tourist scams and safe traveling a visit.

9. Albania

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Italy and Greece?

Pristine beaches, ancient ruins and easily one of the most picturesque countries we have been to, Albania is another cheap backpacking destination we recommend. Known as one of the best backpacking locations on the Adriatic sea, trekking Albania is easily possible on a budget of $35 with accommodation less than $15, drinks and meals for less than $10 a day.

Travset tip- experience the most of Albania with our articles on general information, safe traveling within it, and scams to look out for.

10. Morocco

A short hop from Europe, Morocco is a country with gorgeous architecture, welcoming people and admittedly one of the best brews of coffee we have tried. The country as a growing backpacker destination is now seeing a growth in the number of backpacker hostels. We do however recommend a stay in the riads- small hotels with a garden at the center, in order to truly experience Moroccan hospitality.

Make sure not to miss stargazing in the Moroccan desserts. It truly is a sight to behold.

Travset tip- When in Morocco act as Morrocans do. Readout articles on Morocco, safe traveling within it and tourist scams to avoid in it.