8 of the most common excuses that stop most from traveling

You might think us biased (with Travset being a travel app and all that), but there simply is no good reason to not travel.

We know this as we are yet to meet a traveler who regretted setting off and ignoring the excuses they’ve been telling themselves.

Are you telling yourself any of the below too?

1. I don’t have the time

Traveling doesn’t always mean a 3 month long trip to a far-flung destination.

Explore your own city. Take a weekend trip within the country. Go on a short cruise.

When there is will, you will find a way!

2. Traveling is expensive

We don’t deny that traveling can take a toll on your purse.

It, however, isn’t as expensive as you think it to be and can be done with some careful financial planning and saving.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our section dedicated to travel planning!

3. I don’t have anyone to go with

Haven’t you heard? Solo travel is all the rage and one we heartily recommend.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at why we recommend solo travel to everyone and how it can change your life for the better.

4. My career will suffer

Taking a break to travel isn’t a deal breaker for many employers.

Take the holidays you’re entitled to and enjoy it.

Your employer will value the lessons you’ve learned on your travels upon your return.

5. I’m too young/old to travel

No one is too old or young to travel.

Take it from us who have seen travelers ranging from teenage years to retirees traveling the world!

6. My significant other can’t make it

We think traveling with a significant other is a great experience and heartily recommend it.

One can however still travel solo and should not be deterred from it due to a clash of schedules with his/her loved one.

Take it from us, the reunion will be much sweeter!

7. It’s too dangerous

Backpacking as with any other activity contains dangers that are inherent to it.

The learning, adventures, friends and the skills you learn during it, however, doesn’t even come close.

8. I’ll travel once I’m more settled

There are no bigger regrets than the what-ifs we will be thinking of in the many years to come.

The time for action is now and if we can’t convince you, maybe these stories will.