10 things to do while waiting at an airport

Backpacking is fun and what we live for. Flying on long haul flights, not so much.

Part and parcel of long-haul flights are the long layovers travelers detest, rightfully so. A long wait at the airport, however, doesn’t necessarily mean a waste of time. You can visit the city, or use the downtime productively.

We at Travset are here to show you how!

1. Recharge

Do your devices never seem to have energy?

Well, this is the time for you to give them a quick zap and make sure they are ready for the next leg of your journey.

Charge your phone, laptop, tablet, and your power bank. Charge them all!

2. Say hi

Airports are akin to mini-worlds and are the places to meet those from nations you never would normally.

Say hi and strike up a conversation. The chances are that they will be bored as you are and will welcome the chance to introduce themselves.

This is also a great way to receive travel inspiration!

3. Window shopping

Going on a shopping spree at an airport is an expensive affair.

Window shopping, however, is a fantastic use of time. You can even go in and try on a few new items and take pictures to send your family and friends.

4. Explore

Most airports are huge and we recommend putting your urban exploration skills to use.

There are shops, restaurants, sleeping pods, shower facilities and so much more!

5. People watch

Airports see tens of thousands of travelers from around the world and watching them is one of our favorite activities when waiting for a connecting flight.

You can also create backstories for them from your observations and even use it to strike up a conversation with the subject in question and ask them how close you were to reality.

6. Use the WIFI

With free WIFI and time to kill, this is when you should reply to those emails and do all those digital chores you’ve been putting off.

Do however ensure you are safe online with our tips.

7. Update yourself

Delete those unwanted photos that are taking up memory on your phone.

Update your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. New bio, new pictures, new you.

8. Make those calls

Traveling makes us look forward to our destination and forget home.

Those at home, however, haven’t stopped caring and worrying about your wellbeing.

We recommend using the free WIFI to call/message those you love.

9. Be productive

Read a book you’ve always wanted to. Listen to that podcast you’ve been curious about.

10. Rest

Getting a few winks of sleep is a good idea whilst waiting for a flight.

Do however make sure you that your valuables are safe and there is a foolproof way to wake up in time for your flight.