8 cures for homesickness

We travel because we want to see foreign nations meet its people, experience their culture and its delicious cuisines. Some of us travel for weeks while some for months.

What we are all bound to have however is homesickness and a longing for what’s comfortable, and familiar at home. It might be missing your family, your friends, home food, routine or anything that made the ordinary in life.

This, however, is a perfectly natural reaction and one that is easily manageable if acknowledged.

Read on to see how we at Travset deal with being homesick in our travels!

1. Explore

The best cure for homesickness is acclimating yourself to the new environment and there is no better way to speed this up by exploring what the new destination has to offer.

2. Call home

A simple video call to loved ones back at home cures most bouts of homesickness and is always mood fixer for us at Travset whenever we travel overseas.

3. Cook

Cooking a simple dish from home will have you feel closer to home in no time.

Searching for the ingredients to make this dish will also have you exploring your vicinity, so it’s a win-win!

4. Make friends

All destinations have active communities of ex-pats, couch surfers, backpackers, and nomads.

Joining one such group will have you making friends and feeling home in your new location in no time.

5. Exercise

Exercise increases dopamine levels in your body and is a surefire way to improve your mood and make homesickness a little less bad.

6. Build a routine

We are creatures of habit and have become used to certain repetitive actions.

A change in location will disrupt this and can exacerbate feelings of homesickness.

Getting back to this routine or certain portions of it can help you become more familiar and reduce feelings of homesickness.

7. Indulge yourself

Remember how indulging yourself in luxuries such as candy, shopping or a spa treatment made you feel good at home?

Why should it be different here? Go treat yourself!

8. Give yourself time

Homesickness is part and parcel of traveling away from home for lengthened periods of time and is nothing to shy away from.

Understanding this and giving yourself time to assimilate to the new destination is the roadmap to feeling like home wherever you are.