A guide to staying fit during your travels

Traveling to many of us is time off and often an excuse to let go of our clean eating habits, exercising and drink more alcohol than water. As great and freeing as this might sound, your expanding waistline will disagree and regret is not a feeling backpackers should have upon returning from their adventures. Traveling and staying fit to us at Travset however is not mutually exclusive and easier than many would say.

It is to share this knowledge that we have gathered the top ten tips from our season backpacking veterans.

1. Run

Running is one of the most natural movements and excellent cardiovascular exercise. It is also very easy to do wherever you are and can be done at a time of convenience.

Not a fan of running for long periods of running at a constant speed? Try interval training, where you combine an intense burst of sprinting with slightly longer periods of jogging before sprinting again.

2. Bike

Riding a bike is another great exercise to improve your cardiovascular health and burn those calories away.

Most cities offer city bikes for its residents and tourists, so finding a bike shouldn’t be as difficult.

3. Ditch the public transport

Saying no to public transport lets you get some exercise, save money and see more sights.

Need we say more?

4. Get in with bodyweight workouts

You do not need to invest in a gym and lift weights in order to maintain or even build muscle. Done correctly, your body can be used for resistance and strength training very easily and efficiently.

There are plenty of videos imparting knowledge of quick bodyweight exercises.

5. Hitting your liquid intake goals through alcohol is not good

Staying hydrated (with water) is very important a tip that goes without saying.

You do not, however, have to cut alcohol completely. What we recommend is steering clear of drinks with large amounts of calories and opting for drinks such as wine and light beers.

If getting drunk is the goal, opt for stronger alcohol with water (mixers also have empty calories).

6. Ramen is not godsent

Yes, we know that ramen might seem like the food of the gods but it really isn’t. Mass-manufactured, cheap ramen is chock full of simple carbohydrates and sugars and will not do your waistline any favors.

7. Eat what’s good for you

Your parents were right to ask you to eat your vegetables. These are packed with vitamins and will balance any nutritional deficiencies you might have on the road.

8. Steer clear of very heavy meals

Heavy meals are calorie-dense and their continuous intake will only lead to an increase in weight.

We recommend eating smaller meals, more frequently to amp your metabolism up.

Another option when presented with heavy meals is eating a portion and taking the rest away for consumption later.

9. Sugar is a no-no

The biggest obstacle towards staying fit during our travels is the continuous presence of sugar wherever we go.

It must, however, be avoided like the plague, since simple sugars can derail the fitness progress you have made for so long.

10. Make a commitment and stay focused

The most important factor in keeping fit is consistency.

It is therefore important to set aside a dedicated time of your day, no matter how tiring, for some exercise.

Remember, motivation is good and will help with your fitness journey. But nothing compares to discipline.