8 tips to prepare for a night out

1. Read up on the scams

We always encourage a good party but remember that intoxicated tourists are a good target for even the most mediocre con man.

So read up on the local scams or ask the hostel for tips, in order to steer clear of such scammers.

2. Make some friends

There is safety in numbers, and heading out to party with a few friends from the hostel is a good idea.

This will help you save up on the costs associated with #3 and #4.

3. Eat up

Most parties you’d visit would have alcohol and consuming alcohol on an empty stomach is a rookie mistake that can have you getting intoxicated faster, cutting your night short.

So eat up!

4. Pre-drink carefully

Pre-drinking is to help you pace your alcohol intake, and can set the mood for the night.

Do it slow and easy, as getting over-intoxicated before even leaving the hostel is not a pretty sight.

5. Get the hostel business card

Don’t expect yourself to remember the address of your hostel in the early hours of the morning, when under the influence of alcohol.

Take the business card of the hostel, so that you may hand it over to a taxi driver.

6. Lock the valuables

You will be out of the hostel for quite some time, which is why it’s important to secure your valuables.

Lock them up in the hostel safe with your very own padlock.

7. Withdraw some cash

Not all locations accept card payments, which is why we recommend carrying a little cash on you.

This is safer than taking all your cards as you would be left without any means of accessing your funds in case of theft.

8. Charge your electronics

Google maps, Travset and all the important apps you need to have a good night out, requires your phone to be charged.

So charge your phone to ensure you are not left alone!