6 Passport myths you need to stop believing right now

1. You can use it till it expires

False. You need to have a passport that is valid for 6 months or more to be granted entry to most nations.

This rule is enforced to different degrees in certain nations, but why risk not being allowed in?

2. Stamps from certain countries are dangerous

Myths such as passports that contain Israeli stamps not being welcome in Muslim majority nations and vice versa are not factual.

Sure you might be questioned as to your purpose of visit and past travels, but this is no different to questions for other travelers.

3. Lost passports are nearly impossible to replace

A passport that is lost in the country of origin can be easily replaced provided the documentation is in order.

One that is lost in a foreign nation might take a little more effort and time but is not impossible to obtain. To provide such services is why embassies exist!

4. Souvenir visas are no problem

A passport is an official document that serves as your gateway to the world.

Souvenir visas are a problem and they can reduce your passports authenticity.

For more information, take a look at our article on what can have your passport invalidated.

5. It takes ages to get one

As mentioned previously, passports are quite easy to obtain as long as the proper paperwork is submitted.

Do however make sure you apply for one well before you travel.

6. Powerful passports do not need a visa beforehand

Having a powerful passport does make traveling easy as they allow one to obtain an arrival visa to many nations.

Some nations however still need one to obtain a visa before arrival.