8 tips to improve your hitchhiking chances

We at Travset like to travel. A lot (no surprise there).

So, it’s not strange for us to get lost in a foreign destination due to our ever wandering feet and love for the unusual. The pro, of this, is that we get to experience what not many people do. The con, however, is the getting lost bit.

It is during such instances that we find hitchhiking a blessing and penned this article in the hopes you might find it useful as well.

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1. Find a good location

Finding a good location is essential if one is seeking to hitchhike.

We recommend finding a location where the oncoming vehicles slow down in order to increase your visibility.

Steer clear of bends and tight corners as those are dangerous and do not give a driver time to register your request for a ride.

2. Presentation is important

No driver would be willing to give a ride for a hitchhiker who appears to be a vagabond with dubious standards of cleanliness.

Put your best clothes on, take a shower and remove the sunglasses.

3. Carry a sign

Carrying a sign with your destination will allow the drivers to make a decision on whether to give a ride or not.

Make sure to smile and make eye contact in order to build a rapport.

4. Don’t ask too much

You do not need to take one ride to your destination.

Let the driver make the decision on where he can drop you off.

Pestering him otherwise is just bad manners.

5. Talk

The least you can do to return the favor is to converse with the driver and keep him entertained.

Use one of your many travel adventures or even misadventures!

6. Offer to reimburse

Some drivers appreciate a contribution to fuel costs.

We recommend making a fair offer.

7. Practice patience

Don’t take the waiting component of hitchhiking too personally.

We, hitchhikers, are at the mercy of the drivers and it is them that is doing us a favor.

8. Know when to say no

Being a hitchhiker does not rob you of choice.

Make sure the hitchhiker you choose is one you will be comfortable with.

Feel free to say no or pretend you were standing on the wrong side of the road.