8 ways to ruin your backpacking trip

Backpacking for the first time can be a scary experience. It was for us too.

It, however, does not have to be as long as you do your research, prepare intelligibility and not do these 8 things.

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1. By letting fear overwhelm you

Backpacking without a set itinerary can be a scary thought. But this fear should not be able to overwhelm you.

Backpacking is one of the most ways to travel and an open mind really does help.

2. By not being prepared

Being prepared is key to ensuring your backpacking trip goes as planned.

It is for this reason that we at Travset recommend conducting research on the environment, climate, the people and the culture of a destination before setting off.

3. By staying clear of street food

Stories of diarrhea contracted by many of those who travel might be deterring you off of street food.

But we at Travset believe that street food is an essential part of enjoying a destination and can be done safely provided you take steps to ensure your hygiene.

If you do, it can be remedied with these methods.

4. By only interacting with backpackers

Meeting the locals and interacting with them will allow you to get a feel for the local culture and mannerisms.

This would not be possible if all you do is interact with fellow backpackers.

5. By traveling too fast

We at Travset recommend slow travel overseeing a city a day.

Travel should be spent enjoying, absorbing the culture and this cannot be done by a series of Instagram pictures at the most popular locations before calling it a day.

6. By following someone else’s itinerary

It is good to get inspired by another’s trip.

Do not however be misled into following the same as you need to follow your interests on your backpacking trip.

7. By not having travel insurance

Backpacking is relatively safe.

Accidents, however, happen without warning and good overseas medical care is expensive.

Ensure your financial health by investing in travel insurance.

Not sure how to get one? Read our guide to what to look for in good travel insurance.

8. By only staying in dorms

Dorms are great. They are however not the only place you can stay in on your travels.

Try Couchsurfing or staying with locals who offer accommodation to get a taste of the local life.