Money saving

10 tips how to earn money while backpacking

Traveling is an expensive affair and finances have a nasty habit of running out before they really should. Once this happens you have two options, beg home for more money or earn it on your own like the strong independent person you are. If you’re reading this, we assume you’re the latter.

Earning money on the road doesn’t mean that you detract from your travels. There are many jobs that you can do on the road, that’ll provide some well-needed financing whilst being a great experience. Produced below are several ways you can do just that.

1. Teaching languages

One of the best means through which travelers can earn some spare money is by teaching their native language to the locals. This, however, does not extend to English only as there might be regions of the world where languages such as German, Spanish and French are required.

2. Picking fruits and vegetables

More of a seasonal job, all farms require fruit and vegetable pickers as the picking season grow close. The work is not bound to be easy but you get paid, free meals and accommodation, so what’s to complain about?

3. Work in hostels or hotels

Hostels and hotels usually see very fast turnover, so there will always be a job for you. We recommend approaching the owner or whoever is in charge and inquiring whether there are any job opportunities available.

4. Diving or surf instructor

Teaching scuba diving and/or surfing is a job that’s in demand all over the globe. This does, however, require you to be certified.

5. Work in hospitality

Every country has tourist hotspots that need employees during the peak season. These jobs range from bartending to waitressing, housekeeping and need only the willingness to learn and a perky attitude to excel in.

6. Become a digital nomad

If you have skills such as web design, graphic design, or translating, there are many websites that you can advertise your availability to earn some extra money.

7. Tour Guide

If you have stayed in your current location to know it well enough, you can share this knowledge with other tourists for a price. Just make sure you brush up on your knowledge and presentation skills.

8. Farm jobs

Popular with backpackers visiting countries with high wages such as Australia, Scandinavian countries or Canada, farm jobs are for the ones who don’t mind hard work and getting a little muddy.

9. Entertain people

Know how to strum a guitar or play any other musical instrument? Or know some sick dance moves?

Show your skills off! People need entertainment and will gladly pay for it.

10. Think outside the box

The above list of jobs is by no means exhaustive and we have met backpackers who have taken to modeling, being a DJ, giving haircuts and even massages to fill their money coffers.
So, keep an eye out and be creative!