Money saving

How to eat and drink cheap when on the road

Traveling isn’t exactly cheap and we know it. It, however, does not have to be a bank-breaking affair if you use our tips for saving money, finding discounted flights, cheap accommodation and work abroad. These costs can be reduced further with some careful spending on the food and drinks consumed and we at Travset are here to show you how.

1. Limit the eating out

Eating out often is bound to wear a hole in your pockets. We, therefore, recommend eating out only if needed. Do not however stop yourself from trying out the local dishes served at local prices in the vicinity.

2. Shop at supermarkets

Supermarkets offer steep discounts on food. We recommend taking advantage of these stretch your money.

Do however keep an eye out on the opening and closing times of these supermarkets as they might not be the same as back home. Some have been known to be closed over the weekend and prohibit over the counter sale of alcohol!

Be smart, not hungry and broke.

3. Cook

Cooking for yourself is a sure way of stretching your budget. We recommend looking for accommodation where cooking is possible to take advantage of this.

4. Pack your own meals

If you are able to cook, we recommend packing some meals for the road so that you don’t have to rely on expensive restaurants to satisfy hunger cravings.

5. Buy a reusable water bottle

Water bottles especially in locations with high tourist footfall are costly and can add to your money woes. Why spend $3 on a water bottle when you can fill it from a water dispenser?

Ensure the source you obtain the water is one that can be trusted. If unsure, purchase bottles within build purifiers.

6. Drink local alcohol

Considered almost a rite of induction to a new country, drinking local alcohol tends to be cheaper than the foreign ones.

7. Look for coupons and special offers

Most restaurants advertise coupons and special offers in the hopes of attracting new customers. We recommend taking advantage of such offers as it allows for one to have a treat at a reduced price.

8. Fast food

Although unhealthy, eating fast food is a method we have heard many backpackers use to stretch their money. Do however some research as some parts of the world have fast food that is more expensive than the local restaurants.

9. Tourism cards

Tourism cards are not only for discounts for museums and other attractions. They are also accepted in certain restaurants.

10. Have fun

Saving money is important, but so is enjoying the adventure you set out to have on foreign lands. Make sure you set aside some money to enjoy the culinary experiences that await you.

Being thrifty is great. Pinching pennies is not.