Can I work for accommodation? Yes, you can and here’s how!

Always dreamt of working abroad but hasn’t come to grips with settling down in a 9-5 job with your passion for traveling? That’s a lot of filters and most would call your dream impossible.

But we at Travset believe in the impossible. We believe that travel is freedom and everyone deserves such liberation.

So, here’s a few ways that you can travel, get some work in exchange for accommodation/ and live the life of a local at a foreign destination.

1. WWOOFing

WWOOFING also is known as World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a form of homestay where travelers can volunteer to work in exchange for accommodation and food.

This allows for a deeper understanding of the locals and an innate sense of the culture inherent to it.

2. Hostel work

Most hostels are in need of help and getting a job could be as easy as walking over to the management with your CV and an offer.

Most hostels offer their workers free accommodation, food, and drinks in addition to compensation. What’s not to love!

3. House Sitting

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House sitting akin to babysitting is when you stay at a house whilst the owners are absent to care for it and any pets that occupy it.

Pets and free accommodation with the same comforts as your house? YES PLEASE!

4. Be a part of a sailing crew

Sailing crews are usually in demand and you could apply for helping around deck on under it in exchange for a great adventure in the sea, free accommodation, food, and compensation.

5. Be an au pair

If you are a fan of children and love working with them, consider being an au pair. It’s a great way to get engrossed into a local family and exchange cultures.

Such arrangements offer free accommodation, some compensation, and even meals at times. All this for a few hours of work every day!

6. Teaching foreign languages

Many language schools around the world are looking for teachers of foreign languages.

These schools have been known to offer fair compensation and accommodation in exchange for a set time commitment.