Sleeping in Airports 101

The weather is rather fickle and all flights are grounded. Or you have a long layover and the airport hotel is full.

These are common issues when traveling long distances as we backpackers do and an ingenious solution to this is grabbing some sleep and recuperate for the next flight. Airport sleeping, however, has been getting a negative reputation from some, which we at Travset feel is unfounded.

Sleeping in airports is a science and we are here to show you how to make the best of it.

1. Know if it’s possible

Some airports allow you to sleep within its premises while some have strict regulations against it. It is better to do some prior research prior to landing.

2. Scope out a sleeping place

Some airports have designated sleeping areas where travelers can rest in safety. These, however, are only available at the more larger airports. If you cannot find such a location

Look for sitting areas with no armrests
Areas that aren’t very noisy
Areas that have cameras or security
Areas with toilets close by

3. Stock up

Airport restaurants and food marts are not open throughout the day and it’s wise to grab some food and drinks before they close.

4. Take care of your valuables

Some airports allow overnight sleepers space to store their belongings. If this facility is not provided we recommend sleeping with your valuables very close to you.

5. Find kindred spirits

You will not be the only airport sleeper and we recommend finding those on the same mission as you. Safety in numbers is a real thing!

6. Dress for comfort

Airports aren’t hotels and not made with overnight sleepers in mind. Some tend to get cold while some are stifling. We, therefore, recommend dressing for comfort as it’s not pleasant to board your next plane after a night of restless sleep.

7. Be ready for the noise and the light

Airports are noisy and not very conducive to a good night’s sleep. We, therefore, recommend taking an eye mask and some earplugs with you.

8. Set an alarm

Make sure you set an alarm or even several to ensure you get on time for your next flight. We know some who stick post-it notes on their heads asking fellow passengers to wake them up at designated hours.

9. Be ready for a post-nap freshening

Seasoned airport sleepers carry a small pouch with the essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face towels, dry shampoo, and a comb to get a refreshing start to the next leg of their journey.

10. Be respectful

Airport sleeping is a short-term solution for those who need a place to sleep before boarding their next flight. It is not a place for one to stay for days on end, do their laundry and inconvenience, other passengers.