Motion sickness- all you need to know

Referred to as car sickness, airsickness, and even seasickness, motion sickness is hated by all those who suffer from it.

Occurring as a result of confusing signals sent to the brain by the inner ear and eyes during turbulent travel, motion sickness is truly a traveler’s nightmare. These signals when sent to the brain causes the traveler to feel dizziness, nausea, and eventually lead to vomiting.

Pregnant women and children as per the CDC are the most affected parties with most children outgrowing it as they grow older. Some however do not and remain affected during their older days and it is to help those that we at Travset have provided a list of our most trusted methods to reduce motion sickness.


1. Sit where the motion is less

We recommend booking a seat in the center of a car, plane or boat as it will reduce the amount of swaying. If using a car, sit in the front or become the driver in order to let your inner ear and eyes work in tandem.

2. Lookout

We recommend looking out of the vehicle at a fixed point whilst breathing slowly and deliberately.

Such sights and action help offset the confusing signals that are being sent to the brain.

3. Take breaks

If traveling by car, stop periodically and walk around in order to calm yourself down and give your senses a break from the constant movement.

4. Distract yourself

Distract yourself with a conversation with your neighbor or some music.

5. Inform others

If you are traveling with a group, let the others know of your motion sickness so they are better prepared for assistance in a worst-case scenario.
We also inform the bus driver of the same and attempt to score a seat near the driver and the door in order to reduce the likelihood of about of motion-induced vomiting. Carrying some sick bags is also wise.


1. Consume heavy meals

The more you eat, the queasier your stomach will be and this isn’t ideal when you the constant motion might induce dizziness.

2. Consume alcohol

This one needs no explanation.

3. Busy your eyes too much

Reading books or watching movies isn’t ideal when you are traveling and are susceptible to motion sickness.