8 tips for surviving long distance bus rides

Long bus rides are by no means fun but are a necessary evil when flights are either overbooked, expensive or simply not available.

This is all the more painful is developing countries where the buses that are not in the best condition, traverse long poorly maintained roads and is filled to the capacity. Think packed sardines in a can.

It might not be a vacation, but we at Travset do know several tips and tricks that can make your long bus ride bearable or even comfortable.

Know any more? Let us know!

1. Don’t be stingy

Long-distance bus rides are not the most comfortable means of transportation and we recommend splurging a bit if it means a cramp-free, relatively comfortable bus ride to your destination.

Your joints will thank you.

2. Arrive early

If you haven’t made a seating reservation, it is wise to arrive early and be one of the first to enter the bus and claim a good seat.

You don’t want to be seated right next to the stench of the toilet for 8 hours.

3. Dress for the occasion

The interior of the bus might be warm on the onset of the journey, but it won’t be for long with the steady air conditioning blast in it.

Dress in some layers in order to prevent yourself from freezing or boiling to death.

4. Keep your valuables close

As with any new environment, keeping a careful eye on your valuables is a must when traveling on long-distance buses.

5. Ensure a steady supply of snacks and drinks

Some buses make pit stops in order to let its passengers stretch and refuel, while some do not.

We recommend bringing some snacks and drinks of your own to keep those hunger pangs away.

6. Get entertained

A long bus ride is by no means vacation, but it could be made more bearable with some good entertainment.

We recommend stocking up your digital device with some movies or e-books in order to ensure you won’t be bored.

Do however remember to charge your devices before setting off!

7. Accessorize

Buses are bumpy, noisy and bright.

Make sure you get a sleeping mask, noise-canceling earphones and/or earplugs to help you get uninterrupted rest.

8. Know your bearings

It is important to know your bearings when traveling on a long-distance bus to a new location to ensure you do miss it.

We recommend using Google Maps to assist you with this and/or asking a neighbor for a prompt when your destination is close.