A beginner’s guide to the Bum Gun

What is it?

The bum gun, also known as the butt hose and arse shower is a water gun used for cleaning oneself after defecation. This water gun is easily found all across Asia and is a novelty to many visitors from Europe and North America, making its first use an initiation rite of sorts.

One thing is for sure. Long term travelers love the bum gun due to its fast cleansing properties. So much so that some have even installed one after coming back home!

Is it hygienic?

The bum gun is completely sanitary and safe to use for cleaning purposes after defecation.

Do however make sure that you have some tissues at hand to complete the cleaning process.

Be prepared

It’s important to understand that the bum gun is not a necessary evil but a boon in disguise. They do a fantastic job of cleaning as a shower does with your body and is not something to shy away from.

Sure the first time using it might seem rather strange, but trust us, you’ll find yourself not being able to live without it after a couple of months of traveling.

Test the gun

It is important that you test the water pressure of the bum gun before using it on yourself as some water guns have very strong water jets, which could potentially injure you or/and drench you from head to toe.

Some of the others have very weak water pressure and will need a closer touch in order to get the job done.

Using the gun

Once the water pressure has been tested, it is time for you to do the deed.

Once done, flush as you would not want a splash of the contents in the commode when using the bum gun.

Aim the bum gun directly at the area to clean and let the water do its job. Control the water pressure as you find comfortable. Do however make sure not to drench your clothes.

You can also use your hand to do a more thorough job while washing with the water. Tissues are also useful if squeamish about using the hand.

What happens after

Remember to dry yourself after using the bum gun to prevent wet patches appearing on your pants. Do however remember to throw the tissues to the trash once done, as the toilets in most regions of Asia are not made to handle them and will usually clog.

Wash your hands thoroughly after the above steps are completed.