10 things to do before landing in a new country

Traveling is what we live for and if permanent travel was an option we’d take it.

Leaving your country of residence and venturing onto others with foreign cultures and mannerisms, however, needs some preparation. Such readiness is bound to make your arrival and acclimation easier.

Take it from our travel experts who contributed to writing this article.

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1. Check visa requirements

Each country has different visa requirements from those who visit it. Some nations might offer an arrival visa while some might have more stringent requirements.

It is, therefore, to ensure you have all documents ready prior to boarding the flight to prevent being stranded at the airport.

2. Look into SIM cards

Being connected wherever you are is important.

Some parts of the world do not have reliable WIFI connections and might even be dangerous owing to the number of digital scams that is fast becoming popular.

3. Do research on transport methods

It is wise to have your transportation ready and waiting for you at the airport since any lack of preparation could have you falling prey to taxi scams or touts who claim to be able to arrange transport.

4. Have your accommodation ready

It is wise to have at least one day’s accommodation ready and paid for before arrival. This will prevent you from being lost and being a victim to crooked taxi drivers and/or touts who might offer accommodation at exorbitant prices.

5. Download Google maps

Downloading and having an offline google map of your destination is very useful in finding your way when you cannot connect to WIFI or the network lacks coverage.

6. Talk to your bank

Most banks have security features that block cards when transactions from unfamiliar countries are detected. It is therefore wise to inform your bank of your future travels in order to ensure you have access to your cards when abroad.

7. Look into the exchange rate

Make sure you are updated on the exchange rate and the currency used in order to avoid being scammed.

8. Google for scams

Every nation has a few unscrupulous individuals who attempt to part foreigners with their money.

Be prepared and don’t fall prey to these scams.

9. Get comprehensive travel Insurance

This goes without saying, but having a comprehensive travel insurance policy could literally be a lifesaver in case something goes amiss.

Not sure how to buy one and what to look for? Read here.

10. Ask around for advice

There’s no better advice than from those who have traveled before you.

Reach out to friends, or even friends of friends to ask for advice and recommendations on what to do and where to go.