How to survive long haul flights

As glamorous as a jet setting to an exotic location is, the long-haul flight to it isn’t most people’s cup of tea. Cramped cabins, inability to move much when seated, snorers, a break from your usual food patterns are several of the reasons travelers detest long haul flights. This is made all the worse if traveling in the economy, which most of us backpackers do.

This monotony, however, could be improved with several tips that we at Travset curated from our expert backpackers.

1. Wear comfortable clothing

This might seem like a no brainer but wearing comfortable clothing is a must if you intend on sitting in a cramped, stuff cabin for longer than 5 hours. Ensure you have comfortable shoes, several easily removable layers and a cushy pillow to lay your head on prior to boarding the aircraft.

2. Be aware of your seat

Not all seats in the plan are equal and we wouldn’t want you to discover it through a mishap such as sitting too close to the engines or the toilets. Make sure you do your research on the seating plan and pick a seat that is acceptable to your comforts.

Remember – having a window seat and a middle seat will prevent you from stretching and taking too many bathroom breaks.

3. Move

The human body thrives on movements and not on being sedentary for longer than a couple of hours. Take regular bathroom breaks and walk around. Do some light stretching if you must in order to rouse the muscles and get some blood circulating.

We also recommend buying some compression socks to avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT) that might occur due to the lack of blood circulation when sitting for extended periods of time.

4. Upgrade if possible

Seasoned backpackers collect miles from previous flights to redeem them during the purchase of another trip or to get an upgrade. We recommend you check whether such an option to upgrade is available within the airline you are flying with.

5. Take your own snacks and stay hydrated

Airlines usually serve food as per the time zone of the location it is in and you might receive it much later than the time you are used to. We recommend taking some light snacks on board to keep those hunger cravings at bay.

Pressure controlled aircraft are also notorious for dehydrating your body and we recommend that you purchase some water prior to boarding. Do also try to steer clear of coffee, alcohol and other substances that have been proven to have a dehydration effect on your body.

6. Be ready for slumber

Long haul flights are termed as such for their length and one way to make the time pass faster is to get a good nap. We recommend listening to some calm soothing music and cutting all distractions out with the help of an eye mask and noise-canceling earphones.

7. Bring your own entertainment

There is a chance that the inflight entertainment might not be what you like, making bringing your own entertainment a good idea. We recommend taking a riveting book or downloading some movies to your table or phone prior to boarding.

Do however make sure you charge your devices and bring a power bank along to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

8. Take care of your valuables

As much as we like to trust our fellow passengers some are unscrupulous and might decide that your belongings need to part with you. So, make sure all your valuables are tucked in and safe.

9. Carry a hygiene kit

Sitting in a cramped seat at high altitudes for a long period of time is not a beauty secret. You also wouldn’t want to exit the plane feeling grimy and looking worse off. We recommend carrying antibacterial wipes, lip balm, moisturizing towels, creams and mouthwash for your oral hygiene.

10. Get creative

A long-haul flight is one of the best times to disconnect from the world. We recommend you use this time to unwind and chase a creative pursuit such as sketching, writing some poetry and that travel book you’ve long dreamt about writing.