How to meet the locals
Some of us like to treat the usual backpacking routes, whilst the rest prefer to chase hidden gems. What both groups agree on, however, is that seeing a destination from a local’s eye is invaluable and bound to offer the best it has to offer.

Easier said than done you might say and that’s exactly why we teamed up with our travel experts to produce this guide to meeting the locals at whatever destination you may visit.

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1. Couchsurfing

Advertising itself as a hospitality and social networking service accessible via a website and mobile app, allows travelers who need an accommodation to connect with a host who is willing to share an extra couch or bed. It is, however, more than free accommodation, and more of an exchange of cultures.

It allows travelers to enjoy a more authentic homestay with the locals and experience the destination as the locals do. The local host, in turn, is exposed to the culture of the traveler, making Couchsurfing an eye-opening experience for both.

2. Airbnb

Recently gaining popularity amongst backpackers with a slightly higher than hostel budget, and those seeking privacy, Airbnb is a worldwide peer to peer accommodation sharing option that allows locals to rent any extra space they have for travelers from around the world.

Through Airbnb, you can easily ask the host for local recommendations. They might even show you around!

3. Local bar

When we say local bars, we don’t mean the ones that serve exclusively to tourists.

The bars where the locals frequent will be cheaper, full of great banter and will have you learning from the locals in no time!

4. Eat with locals

There are many apps that allow travelers to enjoy local cuisines in the residence of locals.

Booked prior, these meetups are great ways to bond with locals.

5. Uber

Most Uber drivers are part-timers and striking a conversation up with them can have you exploring the city with a local in no time!

6. Go to class

A simple google search for group activities or group classes of your interest will yield many results.

Attending such classes will allow you to meet like-minded individuals who happen to be locals!

7. Party with the locals

There is nothing that gets people bonding than a good party.

Need we say more?

8. Learn the local lingo

To meet locals, sometimes you have to put that phone down and hit the streets armed with a few words from the local lingo.

Almost all locals love a foreigner who speaks their language and will welcome you.