10 reasons to try solo travel

Most backpackers intend on traveling solo but are daunted at the prospect of traveling alone in a faraway land. The prospect might be scary at first yes, but the act of hitching your backpack up your back and traveling wherever your itchy feet will take you, with no one to judge you or hold you back is a truly liberating experience.

We at Travset know this and are here to set your mind at ease as solo travel is how we started traveling and is still our most preferred method of traversing the world. Still not convinced?

Read on!

1. Your time is your own

There is no waiting for your travel partner to wake up, eat and get ready before you hit the streets.

Your time is completely your own and you can take full advantage of this!

2. You will make more friends

Being a solo traveler forces you to interact with new people you meet on the road instead of sticking with your travel buddy.

Solo travelers are also approached more and talked to by other travelers, so it’s a win-win!

3. You don’t have to compromise

With a travel buddy, some compromising will have to be made as your interests will not be identical.

When traveling solo, you don’t have to worry about this. The world is your oyster!

4. Spontaneous is your middle name

Random change of plans is not a problem when you’re traveling solo.

This, however, would be so easy if you were traveling with another.

5. Couchsurfing becomes easier

It’s a known fact. Requests from solo couchsurfers are accepted more as most hosts can only accommodate one person at a time.

6. You become comfortable in your own skin

Most of us are too busy with our jobs, university, mobile phones and a multitude of devices connected to the internet. This information overload accompanies us everywhere we go and it’s when we have no internet in an unfamiliar environment that we come to realize ourselves and become aware of our consciousness.

7. You become strong

Traveling alone is scarier than when traveling with a travel buddy. It is overcoming this fear and facing the unexpected head-on that makes you a stronger individual.

You now have the self-confidence of a titan!

8. You may find love

Now, this is a big may, but amongst the many relationships we form on the road with fellow backpackers, there is a chance you just might find love.

This, however, isn’t very easy if you were with a travel buddy.

9. You can be as cheap as you want

A big part of getting a travel buddy is making sure your budgets are aligned.

But when traveling solo, you can adjust your expenses as you go. Your trip your money!

10. You will change in many ways

Traveling solo is a very empowering experience and you will come back full of vigor and a new-found sense of independence. It will teach you to be responsible, to be kind to yourself, to be kind to strangers and to have opened your eyes to the true joys of traveling.

The downside? You’re never going to want to stop traveling!