10 signs you’ve been in the same hostel for too long

We at Travset love hostels.

Sometimes a bit too much and there were times when we found ourselves getting overly attached to some of the hostels we have taken refuge in.

Can you relate?

1. You know exactly when to get up in order to get the best portions of the free hostel breakfast.

2. Hostels have high staff turnover, and you’ve stayed for longer than at least one of them.

3. You know where the best bed is and have created something akin to a fort with your belongings around it.

4. Fresh travelers to the dorm seek you out for advice as you are now an expert on what to do in the current destination.

5. You have an intimate knowledge of which dorm rooms are the best, which are infected by bed bugs and which are not.

6. You’ve become a regular at all the cafes and bars around the hostel. They even know your name and give you drinks on the house on a good day!

7. You can now sleep through anything. Snoring is in fact now your newest lullaby.

8. You have become somewhat nocturnal, sleeping through the day with little naps throughout the night.

9. Your favorite game of guessing the nationality is becoming too easy.

10. You’ve started referring to the hostel as your home.