How not to be a tool in hostels

Hostels are usually the top of mind place of accommodation when one thinks of traveling on a shoestring budget.

They are good at providing weary travelers with a bed to sleep, the most basic amenities and a chance to meet fellow travelers. It is also rather cramped due to a large number of travelers sharing accommodation and there are certain pet peeves from some individuals that tend to annoy the rest. It is these unwritten rules that we thought we must write, to ensure a pleasant hostel stay for everyone.

1. Do not steal

You’d be surprised at how many backpackers have been robbed of their possessions such as phones and computers during their hostel stays.

Another thing to steer clear from is eating and drinking what is not yours from the fridge. Take only what is yours.

2. Clean up

Do not be a slouch. It is only polite to clean up after yourself, whether it be in the kitchen, the bathroom or any other mess you made.

3. Pack early

There is nothing more irritating than being woken up to the sound of someone packing their bags with the lights on at 4 AM.

All travelers in the hostel are weary, so do them a favor and pack your bags early so you’d be ready to leave in 5 minutes notice, without causing a ruckus.

4. Let those who sleep, sleep

You might have had the best night of your life, but do be quiet when entering the shared sleeping space. Waking up to drunken slurs and loud boisterous conversations is not everyone’s cup of tea at 3 in the morning.

5. Don’t hog

It’s respectful to not hog bathrooms for long as there are many who are waiting to use it after you.

This also applies to the free internet provided by the hostel. Do not use it download large amounts of data as this will slow the connection for those who are trying to make calls to their loved ones.

6. Clean yourself

Just as there are those who hog the bathrooms, there are some travelers who think themselves immune to body odor.

We recommend showers when at hostels as it’s a shared sleeping space.

7. Keep the sexual interludes private

Being in a foreign land doesn’t make having sex in a dorm shared with 10 other travelers acceptable.

Be considerate to those that sleep with you and be discreet elsewhere.

8. Talking on the phone

It’s best to find a private space for phone conversations that you anticipate will be rather long, in order to not interrupt the rest of the travelers.

9. Avoid plastic bags

The crinkle of plastic bags in the night, when many are trying to sleep is impossibly loud and irritating we’ve discovered. It is therefore wise to invest in some bags made of cloth or any other material.

10. Be respectful

It’s important to be respectful of all those around you as they are to you. So, keep your possessions in your space, make an effort to communicate and help others whenever possible.

Remember, we are all traveling somewhere, in our own little pace.