How to pick the right hostel 101

Accommodation is one of the most important things to consider on your backpacking adventure as nothing is more welcoming than a comfortable bed and warm pillow to the weary traveler. Picking the right one, therefore, is vital to having a good trip, and even more so if the trip is longer than usual. We at Travset know this through trial and experience and it is to impart this knowledge that we have a list of the ten top tips for selecting the right hostel.

1. Don’t be a cheapskate

Yes, we know that saving money is a priority but so is taking care of your body. Most ultra-cheap hostels lack the bare necessities such as comfortable beds and clean bathrooms. Spend that extra $4 a night, your body will thank you for it.

2. Know the hostel you are going to

Some hostels are of the normal quiet kind while there are some that identify themselves as party hostels. The party hostels as you might have guessed is for those who prefer partying and experiencing the nightlife of the city in a drunken stupor. If this isn’t you and you’d prefer a decent mix of parties and quiet time, opt for hostels that do not have a party theme.

3. Look into the beds

Some hostels offer private rooms while some offer dorms with bunk beds. It is therefore very important to know what you are comfortable with prior to looking for hostels.

4. Grub

Some hostels offer breakfast as part of the booking whilst some require you to pay extra for it. Make sure you read the accommodation offering carefully before confirming payment.

5. Check-in and checkout time

Some hostels have very strict check-in times and early check out times. It is, therefore, best to email or calls the hostel directly and ask for the earliest one could check-in and the latest check-out time to give yourself some breathing space.

6. Lockers

Although lockers are thought to be essential to any backpacker’s hostel, there are still some that do not provide the same. It is therefore wise to call or email and ahead and get this cleared up to get a good night’s rest.

7. Location

Saving a few dollars isn’t worth the very long bus or walk from where the action of the city is. Make sure your hotel’s location fits your travel itinerary.

8. Bar and common room

A hotel’s bar and the common room is the best place to grab a beer, unwind and spend a couple of hours making friends.

9. Photos

Having a look at the pictures of the hostel uploaded by both the hotel and its guests is a good idea as it allows you to review the hotel from both a management and customer perspective.

10. Reviews

Sometimes even photos lie. It is therefore wise to read the reviews from previous travelers prior to confirming the booking.