8 top tips for not falling sick on a plane

The reputation plane cabins have for being a breeding ground for various pathogens that can make you sick isn’t unfounded.

You can, however, take a few precautions in order to ward off such illnesses and ensure the trip you have long been planning is successful from start to finish.

Read on for more information and let us know if you have any more to add in the comments below!

1. Get healthy before you travel

Traveling while sick is bound to make you feel worse as long-haul flights stress your system.

You also carry the risk of making other passengers sick.

2. Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep and some wholesome food is vital for staying healthy in a closed environment like a plane cabin.

3. Take care of your hands

Your hands are easily one of the main means through which you can contact an illness as it makes contact with unhygienic surfaces such as the toilet, seat belts, and food trays.

It is, therefore, a good idea to ensure your hands are scrubbed clean with some antibacterial hand wipes whenever possible.

4. Open up the air ducts

Make sure the air ducts above your head is turned on and open, ensuring a steady supply of clean air.

Stale air rife with pathogens can have you falling sick.

5. Change seats

If a passenger close to you displays clear signs of an illness, you may request for a change I seat from the air steward.

Do however be subtle.

6. Stay hydrated

One of the key reasons for passengers to fall sick during flights is due to a lack of hydration which makes the body more susceptible to illnesses.

The humidity worsens this.

Do however remember that only water is recommended, and not alcohol or coffee which have dehydrating properties.

7. Wear comfortable clothing

The temperatures in plane cabins vary and wearing too little clothing when it’s cold is akin to an invite for a cold.

Make sure you have enough layers.

8. Use a moisturizing nasal spray

Using a moisturizing nasal spray will help your nose battle the low humidity inside the plan by moisturizing your nasal ducts.