Hygiene tips for backpackers

Personal hygiene isn’t the most exciting activity when abroad, but an essential one.

Many backpackers, however, appear to have foregone this as we are seeing an increase of instances where backpackers are fast becoming synonymous with being smelly. This, however, does not have to be so as personal hygiene isn’t very difficult to maintain whilst on the road.

Below are a few of our personal hygiene rules, that we at Travset follow religiously.

1. Sniff yourself

Don’t you like it? We bet the others traveling with you also feel the same.

You might also want to consider investing in some deodorant to avoid smelling like a skunk. This is all the more important when carrying a backpack half your weight in the sweltering heat of Asia.

2. Wash yourself

We recommend taking showers whenever you can, with a good bar of soap or gel that will leave you clean and smelling great for long.

3. Take care of your clothes

Having multiple showers doesn’t help if your clothes need washing.

We admit, doing laundry while traveling is not the most exciting, but it is essential for your overall hygiene.

We recommend taking a read of our guide to doing laundry while on the move to help you with this.

4. Watch what you eat and drink

As backpackers, eating the cheapest food in order to stretch your money might seem attractive.
What has to be realized is that mass-produced cheap food usually has very poor oputrious value, and this has an impact on your body and its overall functions such as perspiration levels and odor.

A majority of your body, on the other hand, is made of water and injecting copious amounts of beer into it doesn’t do wonders for your overall hygiene.

Think bad body odor, high levels of perspiration, bad skin, and breath.

5. Take care of your skin

Your skin is what you live in and its important to take care of it.

You are not immune to the sun and best use a sunblock. A moisturizer is also recommended to keep your skin soft and supple during those dry days.

6. Watch your oral hygiene

The same oral hygiene rules that applied back home, apply during your travels as well.

Make sure you brush and floss your teeth as regularly as you can.

7. Take care of our foot hygiene

Foot hygiene is very important when walking with a heavy backpack in the hot sun for hours or being stuck in a long haul plane, train or bus ride.

Wash your socks and let them dry well in the sun along with your shoes.

8. Hand sanitizer is your best friend

Wash your hands regularly using hand sanitizer to reduce the chances of diarrhea or any other devices.