How to get over the fear of traveling alone

Traveling solo is new, scary and we get it.

It is this same feeling that we backpackers find liberating. Everything is new, unique, presents a challenge and is so exhilarating!

This, however, wasn’t always so and we do remember the trepidation we felt before jet setting halfway across the world with only our backpack for company. This fear, however, doesn’t last, is not debilitating and turns into excitement soon enough. This process, however, could be sped up.

1. Travel small. Travel local

Hopping on a plane to another land, thousands of miles away might seem a tad scary at first and it’s perfectly normal.

What we at Travset advocate is taking small steps.

Start by traveling small, to a location famed as a tourist attraction in a city close to you. This will give you a sense of what traveling solo feels like.

2. Seek inspiration

Sometimes all we need is a bit of motivation and these are readily available on the internet since solo travel is fast becoming the new norm.

3. Seek advice

Seeking advice on solo travel from those who have done it before you are an excellent method of getting over your fear of it.

We recommend joining local traveler groups, Couchsurfing groups and even hosting Couchsurfers to ask for advice.

4. Filter the naysayers

The naysayers at times might be your family, but only out of concern for your safety.

It is therefore important to tune out those who do not have your best interests in heart and filter the advice from your loved ones.

5. Learn some moves

Learning some self-defense moves is essential for when you at home and abroad, as opportunities looking for victims are everywhere.

Learning a few moves however is bound to increase your self-confidence as well.

Remember that most attackers look for easy victims and will retreat in haste if faced with some actual opposition.

6. Research

Researching on the customs and norms of the country you intend on visiting will give you a good idea of what to expect and help overcome your fear of traveling alone.

7. Be prepared

Being over-prepared is better than being underprepared.

We recommend taking a look at our guide of things to do when visiting a new country, scams prevalent in it and how to blend in like a local.

8. Be smart

Make sure you read all government advisories and have details of the local embassy in your destination at hand for emergencies.

Stock up on your travel insurance. Don’t know which to pick? Read our guide.

9. Seek friends

If you are still hesitant about solo travel, we get that too.

We at Travset recommend then recommend getting a travel buddy to travel with you.

How to get a good travel buddy you ask? Look for these characteristics.

10. Don’t let fear limit you!

Know that the only thing holding you back is you and that the fear you feel is completely normal.

We have all felt it and overcome it.

We overcame it as we came across with the same fear as us. We overcame it as we noticed the kindness of strangers and locals. We overcame it as we noticed that there is far more to gain by traveling than not doing so.